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Second largest city in Cambodia, Battambang, has captivated visitors since colonial times. Set across the banks of the Sangker River, picturesque Battambang with its wide boulevards, the vast riverfront, the numerous colonial architecture, all lend a special and romantic atmosphere. Here, where ancient temples and areas of stunning natural beauty lie among acres of green rice paddies, the local lifestyle remains much as it appeared in angkorean times. The town has the scenic spots and the popular amongst them include large ancient Khmer ruins.

Travelers come to Battambang to discover authentic Cambodian lifestyle, to relax and especially a favourite with those hankering for friendly and laidback atmosphere. There are no choices for luxury hotels in Battambang but here and Chhaya Hotel the first, there are budget hotels that offer good value for money.Come to Reception and Book a Tour around Battambang or email us at Chhaya.best@yahoo.com.

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